Claims Settlement Procedures

In case of a loss occurrence Policyholder / Insured / Beneficiary should notify immediately the claims department using either one of the following contact details:
Tel: +961 (1) 990127
Fax: +961 (1) 990128
Claim Notification:
The loss notification should mention the following basic information:

  • Policy number
  • Date of incident / loss
  • Brief circumstances / details of loss
  • Estimate of loss amount

We will acknowledge receipt of notification showing the allocated claim number and requesting documents according to each line of business and depending on each case merits.
Our claims department will handle the case investigations (when necessary) and may decide to appoint a surveyor or loss adjuster.
Once the file is complete (documents and reports) and if the claim is payable:

  • We would prepare a discharge or a form of acceptance to be signed by the Policyholder / Insured or Beneficiary
  • Upon signature of the precedent document by the concerned person, the settlement will be made either by cheque or bank transfer.