The corporate world today understands the need to cover not just their business operations, but their key players – their employees. In an environment of increasing risk, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters, various situations can impact a business and importantly, it’s employees.

Our Group Travel product is a corporate insurance solution designed to protect your employees’ travel plans. Each solution is tailored to suit the distinct requirement of an organisation. Our cover policies are flexible, cost effective, and intensely comprehensive, while our service is part of a reliable global network.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive, flexible and unique benefits with different limits to meet the corporate requirements
  • A 24-hour helpline with multilingual Assistance Managers that are familiar with worldwide hospital procedures


Corporate – Group Travel offers a variety of cover policies ranging from emergency medical expenses to travel inconvenience and personal accident benefits

Emergency Medical Expenses Cover:

  • Expenses in case of illness or accident during the journey
  • 24-hour direct billing assistance services through travel assistance
  • Emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate hospital
  • Dental accident and prescription medicines
  • Emergency family travel

Travel Inconvenience Cover:

  • Cost of travel tickets, hotel, and/or car rental deposit resulting from trip cancellation and interruption due to illness or accident encountered by the employee
  • Expenses incurred due to luggage loss or delay whilst under the care and custody of the common carrier
  • Expenses incurred on account of flight delays for reasons beyond the traveller’s control

Personal Accident Cover:

  • Lump sum payment in case of accidental death or permanent disability
  • Extensive partial disability coverage ranging from the smallest disability to the life-threatening ones
  • Reimbursement of repatriation expenses

Travel Assistance Cover:

  • A variety of travel assistance benefits and services to accompany the business traveller at each step along their journey