There are good reasons to consider Property Insurance with Loss of Income Insurance from AIG

Reducing flow on effects

Damage to your commercial property can threaten the whole business, when the cash flow is also halted. We can help with policies that cover not only the damage loss, but also the income and other expenses for the period.

Benefits of a global insurer

We have the ability to offer programs tailored to meet the specific needs of customers anywhere in the world. This is backed up by AIG’s international network to provide local knowledge and logistical support where necessary.

Flexible arrangements

Our experience means we can create property damage solutions to suit your needs, whether that’s a number of sites, specific sites or equipment or against ‘all risks’

A strong team

Your Portugal team is made up of experts in protection for medium and large companies, whether national or international. This focus allows us to offer the best solutions and protection of the assets of both companies concentrated in industrial activities and trade and services.

Who is it for?

Some activities for which we have developed specific approaches:

Hospitality, including hotels, golf and sports centres
Media and Telecommunications, including transmitters, studios and tower structures)
Infrastructure (sewerage, waste treatment, way communication, supplies)
Manufacture of materials for construction (like glass factories, tiles and ceramic makers)
Metalworking, including products and metal materials
Real Estate (shopping centers, conference centres, offices, commercial real estate)
Hospitals (hospitals, clinics, personal care centres)
Information Technology (services, development and research)